I've played the acoustic guitar for about 1 year, very much self taught and I don't actually play too often. However, earlier today I decided to have a go at the guitar only to realise one of the strings has snapped. The missing string is the 'e' of EADGBe. Anyway, I decided to swap all 6 strings. For reference I am currently using NP 013(the broken string), NP 017, CGR 026, CGR 034, CGRU 046 and CGR 056.

I looked around and found these strings called "Ernie Ball Plain Strings - Single" at:


So, here's my questions are:

1) Does having lower guage strings reduce the 'bass' effect on the acoustic guitar? In other words, will having low guage strings give me a more 'metalic' sound?

2)If this is the case, what gauge of strings should I get? I was thinking of getting .011, .015, .024, .032, .044 and .054 strings. Basically a 2 step down from my current strings, however it seems "Ernie Ball Plain Strings" only go up to .024 .

To try and clarify, I'm trying to get a more metallic sound out of my acoustic guitar, similar to Radiohead's song "True Love Waits".

Thanks for any help!
the ones you saw are ok

im guessing your talking about acoustic and not CLASSICAL guitar right?
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13!s Thats hardcore man. lower gauges mean that the strings arnt as thick. Also, elixer strings are awesome for acoustic.
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Well, basically, thick gauge strings give a much "warmer" and "fuller" tone than thin strings. Thin strings give a more brighter sound. I use .008s on my electric.

2) If you want to get acoustic guitar strings, you can get ernie balls in 5 different 6 different gauges. If your looking something around .011 gauge, try some super slinkys (acoustic). They have the gauges: 11-15-22w-28-40-50
(the 'w' indicates where the strings start winding, so in super slinkys, the wound strings are the G B and High E strings).

3) You generally get a more metallica sound from new strings.
Old strings usually sound "warm" and sometimes "dull". Some people like them because of the tone they give off though.
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Thicker strings = thicker sound. A "thinner" sound isn't a bad thing in it self, it's just diffrent. 13's would classify as pretty thick, and you would get easier bends with a lower gauge. Try some diffrent gauges and see what you like.
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