I'v played guitar before, played for a 3 months, then i quit it for 2 years, and now i'm picking it back up, i'v been playing for roughly about 1 month now, i'm using a Yamaha Pacifia 012 and a Watson XL10P (n00b equipment) and when i'll be starting college soon, i'll be goin around my to my mates houses with the guitar for a few sessions, and i know the pacifia will break, as it dents if i press to hard on it, i think my amp is perfectly okay for the time being, but i am just thinking what guitar to get next, and do i really need a new guitar, i think i do, my budget is £150, i'v been looking at the Ibanez GAX30, and looked at some reviews for it, and it seems good for its price, i thought i would just post on the UG forums to get another oppion from people who know there stuff.


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I dunno, you've been playing for a month and you already need new gear? I've heard good things about the pacifica. Some people have said that it sounds pretty decent with a pickup change. If I was in your position I would upgrade my amp, if you want to be heard over a drum set you're going to need around 30w, then I would worry about the guitar. Plus, it may not be that much of an upgrade to the Ibanez GAX30 since it is a beginners guitar also.
The Yamaha Pacifica is a very good gear for beginners and even amateurs. It sorta give you a sense so that you can plan whether your next guitar will have tremolos, locking trem, or just a simple fixed. The feel is also quite good, i've tried them regularly. The only thing that you need decent is an amp.

Try saving up for at least a Cube 30/ Vox AD15VT/ Vox AD30VT for an amp, but if you cant and have very tight budget, i'd suggest you get an Ibanez IJX40 jumpstart pack. This is a brand new pack released in Summer NAMM which includes a 15W SS amp rather than their old 10W crap. Its not that great but its slightly better than Watson (10W?) or ye' olde Ibanez 10W.
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I'v already got a 65watt Laney amp, but it has no overdrive to it, so a pedal should get that going okay
k then then the pacifica would be fine, or if you can squeeze a bit and decided to go fixed, get an Ibanez RG321MH.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
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yeah thanks for the info, i think i'll save the money for the RG321MH, looks good.

one reason why i want a new guitar is the pacifia is too weak.
i would just use you you've been using till you get pretty good then spoil yourself and buy bigger and better stuff! Lol
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