Hey everybody.

So, I've been useing tab at UG for about a year now, so I figured I regester on the forums. I'm not to fourms, just here.

Any way, for Christmas I got a Epiphone SG Special, and that's when I really started. Last year I took a Guitar class, so I know the basics.

About me - I like to play Coheed and Cambria. I learned all of Devil in Jersey City, and I'm learning The Crowing. So yea. I like As I Lay Dying, but that's a little too fast for me to learn. I'm trying.

My question is, with my SG (Epiphone), should I look into buying new parts for it. Like pick up's, I dunno what else I could do, maybe new bridge work? (Not the teeth. Aha.)

So yea, thanks for your help.
YARGH! well first off welcome to the forums second off, itd be better to get a new sg, sg's are prolly my fave guitars, so id say a deluxe sg, but if this guitar u think will be urs for a while, some dimarzios would be good
Yea, for atleast 2 or so years untill I can pay for a car. I would really like a Gibson Explorer.

And are pick ups just a drop in type of mod or what?
i think u just disconnect the wires lol, ask someone else like ji... ask who she is, she is a expert at this stuff

If you have any modification questions the place to ask it is in Gear Building and Customizing.

I know how to do the things you're asking about, but I'd rather not say them here for fear of screwing it up and not having anyone to back me up.

I would try getting a new guitar before starting to mod that one, as it's slightly a little "bad" in modification because of the woods it's made out of. I mean, not a bad first mod, but definately not something to put $200 pickups into.

Welcome again and enjoy the stay!
Thanks man. Nothing agenst you, but I'm going to go check out what the Gear Building and Customizing forum has to say.

See you there!

Epiphone SG Special