Yah i hate to bother everyone with another what song to learn thread...but i have to. a year or two ago..i was a decnet guitar player. But then for some reason i stopped. Now i want to get back into it. So im not a complete beginner...but i want to get some somewhat easier songs to get back into it. I like modern and classic rock...like led zeppelin..red hot chili peppers...grateful dead...and all that.

THanks in advance,
try some of the new chili peppers stuff, like dani or tell me baby
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under the bridge by the chili peppers is a fun song to learn and i like to play over the hills and far away for zeppelin. good luck.
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try fear of the dark (live) by iron maiden. everything except the solo is relitively easy(lead and rhythm) and it sounds rather decent for the lack of effort put into it
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I second the new chili stuff. Although Id also suggest their old as well (including by the way and Cali)
When I first started I played alot of Metallica and Megadeth. The solos are hard but are learnable for a beginner if you practice.


Ive been playin guitar for 7 days (although I have played accoustic for a while) and I can play most Sabbath Songs and Megadeath is easy... Slower Songs by pantera are fun to play and sound awesome.
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