Which one should i get the EVH Phase 90? or The Boss PH-1 or any other suggestions also wah pedals? I'm thinking of geting The jim dunlope dime bag wah pedal? or possibly morley
the boss ph-2 if you can, or eh small stone, and for wah, i love my 535Q dunlop
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My Boss PH-2 is IMO a little better than the MXR. I say this because of the extra tweak factors like 2 modes, depth, resolution, and rate. Love it.

Plus.... she's vintage, baby....
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heres what you do: get the original phase 90. then go here to see how to mod the pedal to get that nice script sound. then, instead of just cutting the resistor, install a SPST switch between the two cut ends very carfully (i think thats the correct type of switch). when you have the switch not connecting the resistor, it should be in script mode. when the switch is connecting the resistor, it will be in block mode. NOTE: i havent actually tried this, but it should work in theory as long as you do a careful job. if it works, i just saved you from spending an extra $50 on the EVH phase 90. now the only difference should be the paint job.
The MXR Phase 90 is much much better than the Boss IMO. I find the Boss to be a very "in-your-face" sound for phase. It sounds almost like a flanger to me. The Phase 90 is much more organic, natural, and liquidy sounding.

I did the R28 mod on mine to give it the script setting. And I did as jof1029 mentioned, and installed a switch to connect and disconnect the resistor as needed. 99.9% of the time I leave it in script mode, but it's nice to know I can change it back if needed. But honestly, you could probably just clip that resistor out and be completely happy with the pedal (even without the switch). Either way, removing R28 really does improve the sound of the Phase 90 so I definitely recommend it.
Just go by this... If you want a simple use awesome sound of the EVH "Eruption" era sounding phaser get the MXR Phase 90, I did and I don't regret it at all. Or if you want something you have to read a manual to fully understand the depth of each knob and a boxy ugly colored look that's not worth the money , IMO only, go with the Boss Phaser. It's your choice.