Ok, so the new drummer of my band decided that for Christmas he is going to ask for stuff to turn one of the rooms at his mother's house into a recording studio type thing. We would like to know what some cheaper, but useful equiptment would be that will be essential.

So far what I think we will need is:
1. Microphones (Can I have some recommendations? I think I have heard people on here using Shure microphones, but which should we get?)
2. Possibly a computer interface for plug in and recording (Line 6 TonePort? I have the GuitarPort, but havent used the TonePort.)
3. Maybe some foam blocks.
4. Maybe a mixer?
5. Maybe a digital recorder like a Tascam or Fostex.

Anything else? Any suggestions? We dont have much of a budget, because its just how much his parents will pay. We dont even know if he is serious, but its still good to know some good recording equiptment.

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yea i know. will cardboard work?

I've never heard of cardboard being used, my band used a ****load of blankets and comforters one time, it worked alright.
Okay, you need an interface, if you're planning on recording a full badn you need more than just a tone port. I'd go with an 8 channel interface like a firepod. You'll need some microphones Ideally I think your good iwth a few SM57's and a condensor or two. If you want to get realy specific you might want to get a drum mic kit for the drum kit. You can get an SM57 to mic up the guitars, and a condensor for vocals. You can use the bass drum mic for the bass guitar or go directly into the interface.

I wouldn't worry to much about insulating the room, it's a lot of work and money to do a really good job, and unless the room is particularly noisy you'll probably be fine and getting room sounds in recordings usually adds to the sound and gives more of a natural sound.
M-Audio Pre: $149.99 at MF
Wired up to some Shure SM57 condenser mics (or 2 Nady condensers, although the SM57s are more widely recommended): $99 ea.
Could probably use some drum mics too...Nady sells a kit for 'em no idea on price though...

I think the recording software comes with the M-Audio package dealy.

I would also try seeing if you can get a membership to a local access cable channel. I know my local one has plenty of old sound mixers that I probably could have gotten for cheap.
since it sounds like you will be recording to computer i must ask: does the computer have a firewire port? and would you be against changing out the soundcard? firewire interfaces would be better than USB ones and getting a nice recording sound card would be even better probably. there are three ways i see as to getting this done well, and are as follows:

1. mic -> interface -> computer. this is good but has a limit on the number of inputs you can have because most interfaces only have 1 or 2 mic inputs. will get a good sound though and is straight forward.

2. mic -> mixer -> interface -> computer. for this one i would get an interface that doesnt have mic inputs, only line ins. this would be a cheaper interface that lets you run the stereo outs from the mixer into the two inputs of the interface. this way you can also have as many inputs as you have in the mixer, allowing for full band recording. you could also subsitute a nice soundcard for the interface.

3. mic -> tube preamp -> nice soundcard -> computer. this one will get you the warmest sound, but you are again limited by the number of inputs on the preamp. im pretty sure this is the way that higer end stuff is recorded, cause that tube sound is very warm and nice.

for mics, i like the shure SM57 for micing my amp. its a great mic and its pretty much a standard. the sm58 is more of a live vocal mic, but its also a good mic. for condensors, i know that i ordered a package with the mxl 990 and 991 seeing as how they are supposed to be good and arent very expensive. condensors are good for acoustic guitars, vocals, and drum overheads, among other things. how many mics you need depends on what you will be recording and how much at once.

for recomendations of stuff, check out some of the stickies in the R&R forum. especially pay attention to Bill's posts and reviews, that guy really knows his stuff.
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I've never heard of cardboard being used, my band used a ****load of blankets and comforters one time, it worked alright.

You have to use about 3 inches of cardboard. it was easy for me to obtain because i worked in a chain sandwich shop.