Okay, my band just got started pretty recently, like one and a half months ago. We've only had a grand total of one rehearsal, because of plans that couldn't be changed, like the singer going to camp for a few weeks and stuff.
Anyway, we're all home and now, though. But my friend (the singer) and I keep trying to reach our drummer to schedule rehearsals (we rehearse in his basement), but he never answers the phone and at the rare times we catch him online, he responds really slowly or not at all and goes idle and stuff.
My friend and I want to actually get the band started, but it's so irritating to not be able to contact the guy who has the rehearsal space.
We don't know him very well, my friend met him at a party and decided they should jam, and that's basically how the band started. But I don't want to calll him and say "Kinnin, you asshat, answer the goddamn phone once in a while," or whatever if we don't know him well. My friend and I also can't drive yet, unfortunately.
So...did anyone else have this problem when they got started?
i have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM we cna never reach the drummer and we rehearse at his house and stuff
but theres no other drummers we can find
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^ I'd actually phone him and say that

"Kinnin you asshat, answer the goddamn phone sometime - we want to get this band started, call me!"

Just keep it light hearted.
call him during times where you figure he'll be home like say...right now....11:00 youngsters are home at this hour....or early in the mourning say...10:30... ?
Summer is usually a bad time to start a band. Try again in Fall.
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Well, I'd email him. If he doesnt respond to that then call him and leave him messages every other hour. Try any form of communication possible, go to his house if possible at all. After a few weeks if he hasn't talked to you at all, just stop trying to get ahold of him at all and keep having band practices with other members for your band while you search for a new drummer.
Well, Im the drummer for my band (Im the one who organizes practices and stuff usually), but our bassist used to be like that. Most of the time, he just bailed at the last second before a practice, which sucked, so we stopped telling hiom about practices one day and he completely forgot that we existed. My advice would be find another drummer first, then just cut the other one off.
My drummer is like that but he lives 75miles away aswell but hes commited and is tryin to earn enough to move down.
So if ure drummers committed, when u see him organise as many band practice's as possible
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Just kind of an update on the situation...we managed to finally schedule a practice time one day. So we went there with all our shit and rang the doorbell a million times and called 10 million times...........and he never came to the door.
A couple days later, we got in touch with him and he said he was there the whole time, and where were we?
This is super super annoying, and I don't know if I believe him. I don't know what he could have been doing that he didn't hear the doorbell and the phone.
go over to his house and set everything up. When he finds out you snuck in and started to jam, he'll want to join, or flip out. It will show his true stance on the situation.
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I strongly recommend not breaking into his house. There was a situation with some guys I played with before in which a drummer we were jamming with left his set at the guitarists house (The drummer doesn't have a car and doesn't practice unless its with a band). He tried calling the guitarists and he said he would be there to unlock the door the next day. We'll when he showed up there the next day, the guys set was already gone. So he broke into his house somehow and got it. Keep in mind this was in the same room in which we had a $2,000 PA. Luckily none of that was taken, but the guitarist said he was extremely pissed and wouldn't even call him since he wanted to tell him off to his face.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.