I just Purchased this off of the internet and i have a few questions that would be nice if they were answerd.

I have a big muff and a small clone and i was wondering if i can just plug them right into the head or do i have to plug them into the back where it says effects and if i have to do that how do i do it?

If i plug in an fx box right into the main high low inputs instead of the effects area in the back will it ruin the head.

thats all thanks for reading
no, it shouldn't damage anything putting stompboxes in front of your amp, unless they are pushing some kind of crazy overdrive. There is no set rule where to put stuff, it just depends on your setup. Stuff on the fx loop simply means it's got getting run thru the preamp first. The general rule, and this isn't set in stone, is that you put modulation based fx on the loop, like chorus, reverb, delay, etc.. Thing's like overdrive and fuzzboxes go in front. It's really whatever sounds the best though. Your fx loop send on the amp goes to the fx box in - > fx box out goes to the FX return on the amp.
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You won't need any distortion pedals with that amp. But yes, you can do either way, I'm sure.

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