I got an issue of total guitar the other day where herman li listens to random bands chosen by the editor and gives his opinion on them. Here is what he had to say:


"Sounds like Helloween! It's easy beacuse
the vocals are easily recognisable. Guitar-
wise there isn't anything that would tell me
what guitarist he is. Is it off the new album?
Yeah, I love a lot of their old stuff from
Keeper Of The Seven Seas to Better Than Raw.
We toured with them in Japan, it was our
first proper tour so we have good memories.
Dragonforce is heavily influenced by the old
power metal stuff like this."


''For some of this stuff you need to
hear a lot of it to tell what it is, to see if
somebody's gonna do something trademark
on the guitar. It sounds Swedish to me. Are
there in guitar solos in this? Chimaria?
Devildriver? Well it's nothing that hasn't
been done before. I wouldn't listen to it,
there's no real originality to it and not
enough melody. Didn't these guys win best
guitarists at the Metal Hammer awards? And
they can't even play a ****ing solo!''


"This is horrible! It's not something I would
listen to. I might get it when the chorus
comes in. I can't hear the vocals. I never
really listened to any punk stuff, I can't
appreciate what it did for music! It might
have speeded everything up but there was
no talent to the guitar playing at all."
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Oh boy...
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Resi will have fun with this.
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Meh, could be a lot worse. Give a brotha break, he has a right to an oppinion just as much as any of you.
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There's already a ONLY Dragonforce thread.

Then, there's a Dragonforce thread in the shred forum.

Last time I checked, you don't need a thread dedicated to mocking a guitarist.