i need help on trilling/ho/po speed. it needs to improve so help me out some please
Practice one technique for a long period of time, in a scale for instance.
Just practice, that's all you can do. Try to build up calluses and hit the fretboard harder, it should give you better sounding, louder notes. If you're trying to be faster, than all you can do is practice.
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as said before find a nice lick you like with hammerona pulloffs and trills and there you go practice practice practice its what everyone hopefully does dont feel alone
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What I do is I start on the G string and hold down the 2nd fret with my 1st finger. Then I hammer onto the 4th fret with my 3rd finger and pull off with both to an open. Then hammer on with both, first on the 2nd fret then the 4th, and repeat the process over and over. It builds your finger muscles.
You just have to practice, walk round the house with your guitar doing it all day and you will inprove very quickly.
Try cool one-handed stuff like this:

One handed guitar solos are always cool for showing off.