Up late one night, and thought I'd throw this one out there, im gonna keep practicing it, but this is my first live take at it


IF you like the song, check it out.
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"lets do it up"


sounds good...i just dont like how the acoustic sounds
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Ok first you must play like every song that I have ever played.. My band played this last year for a while.
Its not bad a little different sounding. Did you do two takes on the vocals. Sounds nice! Never really heard this acoustic, but a nice change. Vocals are nice as usual. Ahh a slip in the guitar and a tad fast but doesnt matter vocals line up and its a cover so to me it should sound your own good job. 8/10

crit 4 crit if you can..
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nice vocals there.
one of your better covers imo
could you tell me what equipment you were using?
Wow great job. Vocals were again really well, and this time you actually didnt kill them with punky overtone.

Great job and also good work on your live stuff.

How did you record this?
I only had 1 vocal track, and I recorded it using a digital recorder, hit record, and played my guitar and sang at same time... I plugged my mic and my gibson into the pa, and output the pa into the recorder. then export the 1 wav file to my computer and mix it
Work to live, not live to work.
lol lets do it up?
your pitch is great
tone isnt my favorite but its personal
the guitar sounds tinny and not full.
, again you have great pitch (your hitting the right notes (no flats and sharps))
good job i like it
It must be Sunday cause Holy crap!. What a voice.
This is great, I love this song. The vox are so piercing, just like Chris Martin. Im listening again.
Love it man. You should try "Fix you"(Another personal favourite - http://wg2.dmusic.com) I Would love to hear your voice on that. Great job
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