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Hi, i have a Fender 15R and Rocktron R50C which my brother owns. i was thinking of getting a better amp to replace the Fender 15R and also getting better pickups for my guitar.
If you were me, which one would you get first?
Amp. A new amp will affect your tone much more than pickups will. Definately a new amp first. BTW don't do what I did and buy an MG for your second amp assuming that Marshall=Good. Go for something high quality, preferably tube.
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I'd say amp, but the choice is yours. I wouldn't really know, to tell you the truth. I have been using the same pickups that came w/ my guitars since day one. I've been using the same amp too. For an amp, a Marshall tube amp is good. If you are on a budget, get a Marshall Valvestate. They emulate the sound of a tube amp and cost less and aren't as heavy as a tube amp, so it's all the warmth, less the hassle. That's what I use. For pickups, I'm not sure. I have a custom Lace guitar w/ Lace humbuckers, and thay company made pickups for Fender in the 80's. So if you have a Fender, buy Lace pickups. If you have anything else, EMG sound good. Hope the info helps.
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I'd go for a new amp, b/c an great amp can make a crappy guitar sound decent, but a crappy amp will make the best guitar in the world sound like ****.

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better get both..!!!!!!!!! coz new amp sounds better with new pickups ;p
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