Well I have 1100$ for a guitar. And im pretty sure on getting a Gibson SG Standard, but i havnt made up my mind yet. A lot of its because people either say that these are way overpriced, the faded sg specials, or even lower SG's match up to it, where similarly other people will swear its the best guitar in the world...but i guess thats true for any guitar...

But anywayz, how did you find you guitar?

When I went to my local guitar center, I tried a schecter C-1 classic and loved it. I tried a faded SG special and thought it was great, I tried a 60's fender strat and loved it. Im very picky with my money. I have not had much experience with the sg standards, but im hoping that when I do, itll be like wow...this is it...

But anywayz...so ehh...anyone have any love at first sight/touch/sound moments? LoL just curious if anyone got attached to their guitar before they even got it out of the store
i found a fender lite ash telecastor and it was love at first sight, just play lots of guitars on tube amps and you pick which sounds the best for your style
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My guitar was love at first sight. What man can resist a hot blonde tele. Bought it 2 days later.
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Really from what I've heard Gibsons are kind of hit or miss, I love mine but I haven't played many others if you like the one you play get the one you played, not the same model THE SAME ONE there can be a huge quality gap

But I think if you get a good SG they are excellent guitars (I have a faded special) and I really have no complaints other than I feel a Schecter or ESP might have suited my styles a little better but since they may change and a guitar of that price is supposed to last a long time I think I made the right choice because it handles everything well
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i had that love at first sight/touch/sound moment when i got my amp. i was playin it and i looked at the salesman and i was like..."i just got a boner"
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man, i had $200
i could have gone higher, but i saw the guitar for me, for only $130
i bought that ****, it was perfect. it had everything i wanted. don't go for price, go for what you want
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one day i went to gc to look at a 12 string acoustic...waddled off into the electric section saw my ibanez, played it, fell in love with it...next day i took it home and played for 4 hours straight...and i still havent paid a cent on the 850.00 i owe on it...i bought an amp and case as well with it...
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I went to GC and tried some out. I played some and found which one I liked most that wasn't too expensive. I liked the Jackson Flying V but it's not a good idea to get a guitar you can't sit down with if you're a beginner.
^Make a list?? Why not just play every guitar in the store that's in your pricerange!!! That's what I did when I bought my Firebird
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I play everything, not just guitars in my pricerange, but EVERYTHING.

I start with the most expensive thing that I love (usually something in the $1500+ range) and then I go and play things in my price range and see if I can match the good feeling I got from the guitar I can't afford. So far I have had very little luck, I am torn between a 72 tele custom, PRS singlecut and an Epiphone firebird...... but thats how I work my guitar loves anyway.....