I want to learn more acoustic stuff, particularly Jack Johnson style. But i dont own an acoustic. Will it be close enough just playing through my acoustic effect on my microcube?
i mainly play acoustic just remember action is different and there are certain acoustic only effects like some ppl tap the body of the acoustic.
you'll probably be ok with the electric, but when u get an acoustic it'll feel a lot different cuz its a different body and different feeling to it
itll feel differnt when you play an acoustic, but im pretty sure youd catch on to it quick, i mean its not a totally different instrument. So its no biggie in my opinion. Youll actually that you can do so much cooler rythmic things on an acoustic opposed to an electric, so itll be a fun process none the less...good luck,

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well maybe i should just buy a cheap accoustic then. like an fg700s. they seem to have necks similar to electrics.

i really like the sound jack johnson puts out.
would a semi hollow suit me? I wanna play more an accoustic sound but still be able to play some classic rock.

Was thinking maybe an Ibanez awd83 (small bodied semi hollow)
Well, there's always the Boss Acoustic pedal. Might be worth the investment until you get a real acoustic.
my friend has an AWD 83 and it sound pretty nice, but its still not that acoustic and the quality is not as good because its cheaper, so id looker into a thicker, maybe jazz-boxy kinda of thing, still artcore though...
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