allright, so me and the rest of my band want to play Becoming, but I bassicly said "I need a $200 pedal to do that"
I was wondering if there was an alternative to the whammy pedal, the cheapest and easiest i could think of was hooking up a nonlatching footswitch to a ****ty digitech rp100a i have access to, but i dont know if that would work
is there any other product that i can get a 2 octave ^ pitch with a nonlatching footswitch (bassicly that i could step on to get the tone, step off to get regular tone)?
"what are good intermediate classic rock covers?"
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alice in chains, stone temple pilots, led zeppelin, play rock and roll by zeppelin, thatll work well, maybe hendrix
and maybe war by meshuggah

GC has a 30-day return policy........
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if you have 2 gutiarist, make one do the rythym, and just hit a high note with a wah pedal and ****, or hit a harmonic and se eif it does any good.

but LEPIV does have a good idea
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as much as I like to discourage trying to get over on places, there really aren't a lot of substitutes for the whammy that aren't a lot more money. The 30 day thing sounds pretty good, just don't scratch it or anything where they make you take it. You may end up wanting to keep it though, it's really a fun pedal.
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