Story comes after the song.
Because here I am now
In your very choice of place
Resigned to your worlds silly terms
At trial for my misdeeds
Like a glass batter after the pinata
Can you see it yet
Because Im here now
In your most revered of minds
At your silly worlds mercy
The storm ahead is just a test to you
Like a paper dam in a spring storm
Can you hear me yet?
Because your here now
On my own grounds
Assigned self righteously in my graces
Hated for your world and not yourself
The ballerina beats the bull.
Is it clear yet?
So here am I
All in one place
Waiting for the rain down
Ill do it over and over in your spite
Will you break the normal
To counter the truely bizzare
Im on my way out now
So what can you really do
With a memory made of glass
Would you please shatter me?
Its oh so clear now
So go head, Take and break me
Its much too late by now
The notions present and ive already won
You're leaving this all behind
My presence should be in thought
Because any damage done is just nutrition.
Too late for any recourse
Too soon to bring me down
Your reputations all but made
You'll never get another shot
By the time forgetfulness comes to mind.
We're already gone.

How do you like us now.

Its just a big **** you to a group of people, if that wasnt dead obvious.
Ill leave the group open to interpretation , because im not stirring up controversy, and I really usually dont stereotype or generalize.
My girlfriend and I were getting a little to "Physical" for someone at my house, ( she was in my lap) So they had the nerve to talk **** about me in my own house then come and ruin her first kiss, so when I go play the local teen clubs next month, this song gets dedicated to that person.
Its a stupid reason to write a song, but it sounded alright to me, and Im a vengeful son of a bitch sometimes, so I went with it.
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I know this isn't any sort of constructive comment, but I heard Panic! At The Disco singing that in my head.
Nah, i don't think that's a stupid reason to write a song. I've had some pretty stupid reasons to write songs; i wrote a song after this complete douche bag of a guy walked past me (i'm a girl) and said a really sexist and gross comment to me. i just felt so f**king angry that i wrote a song about it. also, i've written songs about friends who have been jackasses to me.
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