Well im thinking of getting a JCM2000 TSL100
price is not a worry, i can save more if needed to get a really quality amp
i play hard rock/classic rock/jazz/metal
i was wondering what head would do me well...
and what cab would work well with that amp?

that would be awesome
thanks guys
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Get the DSL. It's much better, imo. And a marshall cab would work well with it, of course. Or try getting an avatar cab, I hear good things about them.

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I second the DSL. It'll do hard rock, classic rock (although not as good as an older marshall), Metal (maybe get an OD to push it a bit more). I don't know about jazz.
You may also wanna look into other, more versatile amps in the price range.
These go to eleven...
DSL all the way mate
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i've a TSL and it's fookin great. 2 effects loops and 3 seperate channels all with their own EQ. the DSL has one shared EQ for the whole amp.

i'm running it thru a marshall mode4 280W cab and i gotta say, it's pretty sexy
I'd prefer the dsl for those tones, but obviously there are other amps available too. What's your budget?
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my budget is however longer i want to save...
ive been running a fender hot rod deluxe and i need something with more power and my fender plays great for jazz so i dont really need that in what im getting...
i want a very solid sound with great solo tones
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what about getting a JCM800 and running an AB switch into the Fender aswell so you've an amp for your clean tones and a beefed up distorted marshall
i play alot of the same music as you and the TSL seems to pull them all off easily, i much prefer the TSL to the DSL i seem to be the only person though, when properly setup the TSL shines, recently i changed the stock tubes out with Rubys my prefered tube and im more in love with the amp than ever before
im with you two... dw theres allot of tsl soldiers out there who reckon tsls are way better than the dsl... i prefer more flexibility in the tsl.... the sound is great! you just need to spend more time with the tsl baby and youll see its hidden powers.
I prefer the TSL over the DSL. Reasons: Flexibility. You had quite the range of musical styles in your post. I like that the TSL has 2 FX loops, VPR for home practising, 3 channels (plus a way nicer footswitch) DSL only has 1 channel changing footswitch and for me that sucked. IT will do hard rock, jazz, clean country even, but I have experienced the lack in metal ability with stock tubes. Talk to a tech about tube replacement and biasing, but with new tubes, and a Overdirve boost, it does metal just fine.