Poll: Which is better for shred/soloing?
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View poll results: Which is better for shred/soloing?
Carvin DC127 (with floyd rose)
3 25%
Caparison Dellinger II SE
9 75%
Voters: 12.
Which would you say is better for shred (ill probably put EMGs in both)?

And also better for soloing (Neil Zaza, Bumblefoot-esque)


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The Caparison is an absolutely stunning guitar, but it'll will run you twice as much as the Carvin, which is is still a great axe.

If you have the money, Caparison.
For the budget conscious, Carvin.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
have you heard EMGs in the Caparison? and if you do fit them your going to need two new pickup rings since the Caparisons have 4 srews on the top and 3 screws on the bottom. otherwise Caparison FTW Schaller trem pwns **** mate.
EMG's sound really good in Caparison's KSE uses caparison's with emg's well i at least think its good tone
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Quote by Pleiadian
(with active EMG-HZ pickups)
yeh have you also checked out their amps they switched to Framus Cobra's i think. anyway hands down the Caparison will **** all over the Carvin theres no point in discussing it