hey there guys (and good evening ladies),

First i will try to explain the situation that I am in, please bear (sp?) with me as I explain my predicament (sp?).

First of all my birthday is coming up on the 25th of August . For my birthday we are going to Steve's Music in Toronto (my names steve to , thought I'd point that out). and my parents say that they will allow me to purchase a guitar.

the thing is I really haven't tried out many guitars so I don't really know as to how I am going to do this...

You see we rarely make trips into Toronto (maybe once a year) therefore if i see a gutiar that i like and want Its either buy it now, or wait another year or hope my local shop will get it .

first quiestion is whether to try stuff out at steve's music, then have an idea of what i want, and head home and see if the local shop i go to can get it. Or should I say "I really like this guitar and I'm thinking its the best here for me, so I'm going to purchase it."

next question.

I want a guitar with 24 frets on it, and i could also do with a tremelo bar, its not necesary, however I want to learn how to do whammy dives etc. and some solos I know go really well with tremelo bars (as in ITS IN THE SOLO). My question is: "is it hard to learn how to set up a floyd rose as a COMPLETE beginner at it? or will it be a huge hastle every time i change strings?

hopefully there wasn't any confusion there if so..I will try to straighten it out when I see the concerns

also I sincerily hope I didn't kill ur eyes with my horrible grammar skillz0rz

any way I am blabbing on and on now lol

first of all, i think maybe you should try out some guitars at your local store, and get an idea of what you want, and if they have something better but along the lines of what you are looking for in toronto, then you could get it there, but if they have that same one back home, you can simply wait until you get home.

secondly, i have a floyd rose on my destroyer, and its really not a very big hassle changing the strings or anything. really the only difference is that they got thru the back of the guitar and every once in a while u have a hard time with the one or two strings but they get stuck trying to get them out, but other than that, its no big deal.
Well, first I'd look on line to see what guitars have what you want.

I'm guitar shopping as well, and my credentials are:

DiMazrio (I never spell that right... I give up... ****ing Italians) Pickups
Floating Tremelo (Preferably not Floyd Rose, they ARE a pain, but it tends to be worth it).
Basswood body
Maple neck
Rosewood fretboard.

You want to look to see what has what. Do you tend to play in the 12-24 fret range? You might want to look at a guitar with a solid body, such as a Schecter C-1 opposed to a bolt on neck.

If you want a good tremelo bar, you're going to want to make sure its a floating tremelo, meaning its like Richard Simmons, goes both ways (you can pull up or push down). These include Floyd Rose tremelos.

Are you a small guy? Do you want a lighter guitar? Does that not matter to you? If you want a lighter guitar, basswood is a good recommendation.

Make sure you get a guitar with fairly decient pickups. You don't want to go buy a $160USD Yamaha PAC012 and find that it sounds like a bowl of rice crispys when you play (snap, crackle pop). Schecters come with Duncan Designed pickups, and they're not a bad choice. You can change the pickups later, but its not a bad idea to get a guitar with good stock pickups.

Maple necks are pretty much par for the course. I don't know too many guitars that don't have them.

Rosewood fretboards are also pretty much par for the course.

Oh uh, you might want to make sure you get a guitar with humbuckers. Judging by you mentioning dives, I assume some metal of some sort will be involved, and for that, single coil pickups just do not cut it.

Sorry for the length, but as its 3AM and I'm trying to be helpful, its an intresting combo.

EDIT: I just so happen to be drinking pepsi... :p (and no you can't have any).
i got a guitar with a floyd rose for christmas list year, and ive NEVER had any experience with one before, and the only differnce with changing strings is...you do one at a time, and you cut the ends off, but ive kept with the same gauge string though...
never had a guitar with a floyd rose but my friend has and he hates the thing, because of the hassle when changing strings.

i have a strat with a standard fender bridge and its pure simplicity to change strings, plus i can do what i like with the trem and it never goes out of tune.
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I find floyds are such a bitch, but that's just my opinion. One piece of advice i can give you is to really take your time, ask questions about the pickups, active vs. passive, which woods are used, try guitars with floyds and without, see what you like. I made the mistake of rushing it, and trust me it's not cool. You end up looking at catalogues and saying "damn i wish i'd gotten that guitar instead...." *sniff*
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You are ALWAYS going to start off as a noob if you havent done something, so id just do it. HOWEVER, if you get or look at an ibanez with a liscensed floyd rose trem, DO NOT get one with an (tremolo names) : Edge III, Edge Pro II, Edge II.
The good ones are: Lo Pro Edge, Edge Pro, Original Edge, and for non ibanez guitars: Original Floyd Rose (or OFR).
Ibanez stock pickups aren't THAT bad, especially once you get past the beginner level guitars...
Oh and in case you havent noticed, I think you should look at Ibanez!

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I've been looking at some of the F series LTD guitars lately. They look real nice, and some come with emg 81's and floyd roses. I think they also have 24 frets.

Floyd Roses are a bit of a pain. It's a major hassle changing tuning between songs for example, and you can't really use thicker gague strings. One of the pros however, is that if you have locking nuts on it your strings hardly ever go out of tune, but it's a bugger tuning it in the 1st place.

If this is going to be a 2nd guitar I'd think about getting one with a floyd rose, but otherwise I think you'll find you'll get frustrated changing the tuning.
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yes it is going to be my second guitar..thanks alot pplz plz keep the advice coming


wuts ure budget? and floyd roses may be kinda complicated for a beginner to set up, like to balance it and stuff
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well my budget...I'm thinking this is gonna be my "main" guitar for the next 3 yrs or so, so $2000 canadian MAX.

I've been looking online and i see the ESP LTD MH 400, looks PERFECT for me, hop[efuly they have one to try out
It's all worth it, its not too big of a hassle. And I have a suggestion, get the Ibanez RG1570 24 Frets, Whammy bar floyd rose blah blah.
Quote by trouble37
It's all worth it, its not too big of a hassle. And I have a suggestion, get the Ibanez RG1570 24 Frets, Whammy bar floyd rose blah blah.

mmk i'll go check into it