iv been playing for almost a year and im buying a new amp n a multi effects pedal in a few months time and ill have up to $500 AUD to spend on the the effects. I play mostly indie type stuff- shins, shout out louds, goldspot...but my style really does vary, i also play rock and blues. iv made a list of what im looking at and it is as follows
$399 ZOOM G7.1ut
$499 BOSS ME-50
$289 Korg AX1500G
$449 Digitech RP300A

Also..i can get the BOSS GT-8 for the same price as the ME50 but it looks really complicated, i know its tonnes better than those multi effects mentioned above, but would it be good as a first effects unit?
i dunno about the others, but digitech products dont seem to work well with other pedals. also, i second kurdtkobaigns sentiments.
Multi effects are crap.
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yeah, but keeping in mind $500 aus won't get you a decent amp....
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Analog effects owns the crap outta digital thing...!
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I vote for the GT-8, although the Zoom 9.2 is really great as well. You'll find a lot more information (other than the generic and really ignorant "multi-effects are crap" comments) and sound clips at www.thestompbox.net.
NO multi effects are crap. its that simple your much better off buying a new amp and buyign analog effects. much better idea
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Put all the money into a new amp.

EDIT: I guess you could take some money for the effects that you really need, don't buy effects just because you want to buy something, think about what effects you are going to actualy need.
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ive only been playing for a year, the amp i buy now wont be with me for the rest of my life
ya but it will be with you for awhile and you dont want to buy something you will regret later. Think of what effects you will absolutley need then buy those 2 or 3 in single effects and use the rest of your money for an amp
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