what kind of pedal should i get for the eddie van halen tapping sound, like in eruption. would it be a delay or a phaser or flange (i dont know what any of those sound like lol im new)
I think it's Phaser + Heavy Reverb/Delay. So, you could either buy 2 pedels or get a multieffects unit.
mxr evh phase 90

or if you have more money you could get an

electro-harmonix flanger hoax

i tried one and it was amazing! albeit rather confusin
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Was there anything other than distortion on Eruption? I dont remember and Im too lazy to open Media Player. I dont remember hearing any phaser though...
EVH used light phasing (from an MXR phase 90) to color the sound on a lot of his stuff, actually its pretty integral to his tone.
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