I only play guitar.

So it was a little weird for me to try and come up with keyboard and bass riffs for the first time.

Anyways, heres the song, its not long, only like 2:05 but i think it came together well.

[crit 4 crit]


Any thoughts/criticisms are apprectiated

Edit: I tabbed it out on guitar pro, the tabit file couldnt be attatched. So heres the new tab.
SONG - Keyboards, Guitar, Bass.zip
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i didnt really know what to think at first cause i havnt really heard much like it, but thats a good thing. i really like how it changes at measure 14 and then goes back to a faster part later. pretty sweet man keep it up
i think its pretty cool, its really well done in my opinion, sounds like some space video game, lol, cant say anything bad about, lol crit mine if you get a chance, is just an idea Remains of the Night, or any of the ones in my sig, thanks!!!