I am very new to the hole amp thing as I have only ever owned a Marshall 15 watt practice amp. I was thinking about getting the JCM900 but am really confused about it. I was wondering if somebody could show me a column or thread about how they work or just tell me.

To be specific I was wondering what a head and a cabinet are and if/why they are different than a regular amp. Also do you have to have a head to work a cabinet and do you have to have a cabinet to work a head? What does the head do? What does the cabinet do?

Do the tubes come in the head or in the cabinet, can tubes come in just a regular amp if it doesn't have a head? (dunno about this question)

If you guys could help me out with this that would be a big help thanks.
u should really browse around the forums and dont forget that google is ur friend...

most of ur questions are already answered..just gotta look for the info man..

but to start u off...

combos= head and cab put together in one convienent package..

the head is the power behind the speakers...without a head..thers nothing...

the cabinet..is just the speakers..the thing that the sound comes out of..of course we can get into great detail..but just look around
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ok a head is the amp and the cabinet is the speakers...and yes you do have to have the head to work the cab and vice versa...the head is what you plug the cable of ur guitar into...and some have dsp effects built into them...and the cabinet is where the noise comes from...last but not least the tubes are in the head...and some regular amps are tube amps...but most are solid state
The marshall 15 watt marshall you have is most-likely what's called a solid-state amp. Which basically means that the sound is amplified by a series of silicon diodes, transistors, etc.

The JCM900 is a tube amp. Which means that the sound is amplified by tubes. Most people agree that tube amps sound much better.

To work a head, you need a cabinet.
To work a cabinet you need a head.

The head amplifies the sound
and the cabinet makes the sound audible. Cabinets have speakers in them.

A combo amp (your 15 watt marshall) does the same thing but on a much smalller scale and the amplification section is connected to the speaker section.

A combo amp can have tubes in them, just for some reason people would rather buy the half stack version.

A head and cab make up a half stack.

A tube half stack (the JCM900 with cab) will be about 100 times louder than your 15 watt marshall.

Tubes are always found in the head section of an amp because they amplify the sound.

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