I've got a Highway 1 Strat with the standard pick ups in it. They give a great strat sound, but I was thinking of putting Hot Noiseless Pick ups in it. Are these too powerful to keep that classic Strat sound?

Let me know.

New pick ups mean new sound dude. I lifted this from a site I found.

Perceived output level: Hotter than stock pickups
Tone: Warmer than the stock pickups, but has slightly less 'sparkle' as well
Sonic evaluation: I am running these pickups in a Japanese Squire through a Fender Blues Deluxe and a Marshall DSL100 head through a JCM900 1960A cab loaded with Celestion G12-T75's.

For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: These pickups are great for classic rock and blues, even old metal.

As you can see the new pickups will give it a 'warmer' sound while reducing the treble. Which implies to me that it'll make it more of a rythm gtar than a lead. It entirly your choice n this is just my opinion but i think it would suit a strat.
Thanks dude, it was as I figured, but the stock pick ups on the highway 1 are nice, and classic sounding, I just would like a bit more power when punching some overdrive.

having said that I was just widling with some blues stuff and I like the sound again! Perhaps time to buy another guitar....."Honey, ahve we got some excess dollars?"....SFX - sound ot large piece of wood hitting guitarists head.........I guess the answer is no right now.

Thanks anyways!