each time i try to play "DIO - we rock" i see that the muscles of my picking arm get real tense, and also my neck.
it's really annoying. how can i play that song without beeing really tense?

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ur probably using ur arm too much. When you pick u are supposed to use your wrist and have ur arm relaxed. If you play standing up then maybe you need to loosen ur strap a bit.
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Umm...start from the beginning of learning guitar.

Be extremely finicky with your posture, you have to have to have to feel no tension all, once you feel absolutely no tension, I mean absolutely no tension even when Palm muting, trem picking etc, then try this soong again/
Find a different possition on the guitar to play it and see if its better for you arm and neck, or more easily, just dont play it so hard!

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