hey. not to be confused with the stickies that are there, this thread is for info on amps, specific infor on amps, not just brands.
Basicaly it works like so. you write a speel about an amp. one you own, have owned or have played. you pm it to me and i'll add it on this page, and have the speels organized by Brands, compiling one big list of info on amps.

Marshall- thanks to Gabel for Marshall
Marshall DSL: I have only tried the DSL 50, very nice cleans and higher gain sound, but it was lacking a bit in the crunch department IMO. These ones have better modern tones than the older Marshalls.
Joel owns a DSL 401 and heres what he said about it to me:
It sounds best with lower tunings because it balance outs the amount of mids in the amp. like i've got my guitar tuned to drop c, settings are like Gain-10 pre vol- sweet spot (i'll never tell) Treble- 10 mids 0 (still sounds middy) bass 7. sounds sweet. theres a real sweet spot in the pre vol and master vol for bedroom gain.

Marshall TSL: I haven't tried this one, but it's bassicly a DSL with another channel. The DSL is said to have better sound though.

The older tube amps:
Plexis (1959, 1987, Bluesbreakers, 18 watters): Well these are the classic Marshall model, they have awesome crunch. I have tried three reissues: an 18 watter reissue, a 1959 reissue and a Blesbreaker reissue, an original 70's non master volume JMP and ive loved all of them. They have fantastic cleans, but their crunch is jsut amazing, the first time i tried one i felt that i got the perfect tone, so im trying to achive this tone all the time. But keep in ind that these non master volume ones don't have a gain control, so volume over 5 gets distortion, but these are loud, remeber that. The 18 watter have ok volumes for distortion, the Bluesbrekear (and JTM-45) are a bit too loud and the 100 watt ones are very loud.

Master volume JMP's/ one channel JCM800's (2203's/2204's): I have yet to find one to try, so unluckly i haven't tried one. The one channel JCM800's are the same as the master volume JMP's more or less. These are one of Marshalls most legendary amps, with their awesome crunch and bassicly sounds like a Plexi on steroids. They can get nice crunch sounds (Angus have used them) and nice high gain tones (Zakk Wylde and Kerry King uses them, Metallica used them on Ride The Lightning and Dimebag has also used them).
Joel have tried a one channel JCM800, first year of production, his comments:
Sounded like a plexi, with a bit more balls. basically, not really the 800 sound everyone associates with them, but like a more modern plaxi, with a more bedroom option. still a gigging amp, but easier to get good tones down low. very ac/dc led zepish.

Two channel JCM800's: (2205, 2210) I owned one of these a combo, which i traded for my JCM900 stack. It was very nice, had a very nice crunch. These one used diodes to clip (same with JCM900) and "purists" say that makes them not really tube, but to be honest thats BS, they sound very nice. This on developed into the JCM900.

Dual Reverb JCM900's (4500, 4100): This is the one i own (4500) and its very nice. It has a nice attack in their sound, nice crunch and can get great high gain sounds. Its very similar to a two channel JCM800 (its developed from them). The character is more modern then the JCM800 (think 90's sound) but it can get ncie classick Marshall sounds to. These together with the Plexis have the best cleans. These also uses the diodes, but its still have nice sounds (and it sound like a tube amp). Also get JCM900's with EL-34's, not 6550's! Myself, Gutch and kurdtkobaign think that JCM900's get an unfair reputation.

SL-X JCM900's (2500, 2100): These are good, but i prefer the Dual Reverb JCM900's. The two distortion controls and master volumes. makes it a bit confusing and it feels like a wannabe two channel amp. I traded this one for the JCM800 dual channel combo.
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