I have made many posts asking which amp to get over the last few months and still can't decide under changing decisions.

Next year I will need to submit 3 compositions for my music class which I would like to do with better equipment.

I have a budget of around $1000AUS and Birthday + Christmas

The important thing is i need equipment that can do A LOT so that I can experiment.
I currently have a babygrand piano, friends drum set and guitars + recording software

Of course, I need a new amp and im thinking of buying this with $1000. I currently have a Zoom gfx707 *piece of sh!t* so i may need upgrade. what would you suggest?

I also need a new keyboard, Im sure my dad would be happy to buy one because he sold 2 rolands years ago . What would be a good option with midi support?

With all this, i need to figure out how to record. I know I need mics, but which one and will just 1 mic do? What will I use to run this into the computer?

Also, does the soundcard on the computer make a big deal?

I'de like to keep in mind that I live in Sydney and some stuff is hard to get here, or over priced.

Thanks for your help