and you say your a guitar player, tut
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and you say your a guitar player, tut

A riff is something that is played repeatly in a song. For example, the main riff to 'Whole Lotta Love' is


A lick is something played once, usually a little lead type thing based around a scale or a mode.

And a solo is, well, every heard the part of the song where the lead guitarist steps out and plays a bunch of notes with bends and vibratos?
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wats the difference between a riff and a solo, and wats a lick ?

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Riffs are normally repeated over and over and are used in the rhythm of the song. Solos are lead parts, and are played over the rhythm parts. That's the basic idea anyways...
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as stated before, a riff is usually something that is repeated throughout the song. it usually is something to kind of lay down a rhythm and set the tone of the piece, or at least thats what i think of. think of a lot of pop-punk stuff when i think of the stereo typical riff. think of the intro to 'Dammit' by Blink 182. that little guitar ine at the beginning has that cool little rhythm and sets the tone for the chord progression at the same time. its also repeated throughout the song for cohesiveness.

a lick is usually a short lead phrase, especially in a lead break or solo. of couse not always, but thats what comes to mind when i hear the word. think of that short little section of a solo that really stands out from the rest and is something you would think of copying. thats a lick. someone above mentioned 'whole lotta love' by led zeppelin. think of the solo for that. those cool sounding phrases between the big Bum Bum parts would be licks.

a solo is where the guitarist (or other lead instrumentalist) gets to show off and be the center of attention. all of the other instruments go into a rhythm part and the one instrument plays on top of them in a section that is unique to the song.

ok, now lets look at a whole song and identify where all of those are. lets look at 'dont fear the reaper' by blue oyster cult. if you dont know the song, i suggest you go find a way to listen to it at once because it is brilliant (as well as being the basis of a great SNL sketch).

ok, so the first thing we hear is a guitar playing this little cool thing that repeats a few times. that is a riff, the main riff of the song. then a nice chord progression comes in after the first 2 lines of singing. the main riff comes back in after the progression, still with the verse lyrics over it. then we get to the next section. the chorus is just la la la la la repeated. between each repeat there is a bit of guitar lead work that sounds cool. those would be guitar licks. then we have basicly a repeat of that entire part above with a longer verse and different chorus licks.

ok, so after the second chorus we have just a single guitar come in playing this simple lead part. i would call this a riff here, and it repeats a couple times. then when you hear that brilliantly awesome guitar work come in immediatly following, thats the solo. you can hear the difference between the two guitar parts, so you should know when the solo starts (its the tremolo picked G note that starts it). now most of those phrases in the solo could be called licks, especially the ones you could pull out and play by themselves and sound cool.

after the solo we have the third verse (same riff and chorus progression as the other two verses). after the verse we end the song with a cool sounding guitar thing. now, this isnt a solo, because its just the same thing over and over. i wouldnt call it a riff because it doesnt really set the tone for the song and its only in one place. so i guess i would say its more like a repeating lick to end the song. i know i said licks dont usually repeat, but this one does.

hope that helps clear things up for you a bit.
the solo can usually be easily identified by the fact that the lead guitar goes "solo" while another guitar plays rhythm (not always the case), usually as a departure of the song itself, or as an extension of the vocal melody or riff - a riff is usually the "hook" of the song, and is most likely to repeat - a lick is much like a riff, possibly a bit longer, but basically the same idea - of course these aren't the "rules" or anything, just typical of solos and riffs in many styles of music
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cheers guys for ure help on that, i'm trying to download that song i think somerts up with the website

the reason i ask was at the moment i'm playing with these guys its goin alright but where strugeling to turn soloing over chords into actual songs