Basically I looking to buy a cab for my amp. My amp is a Lanye HCM160 combo that can run a cab at 4 ohms and I have found a Laney cab that can run at 4 ohms for £180 which isnt bad.

But heres the thing, I'm low of cash right now so I was wondering if there were cheaper cabs (4x10 possibley) that I can run it with.

Or, what would happen if I was going to run a bass amp through a guitar cab? Would it distort terribley or would it just damage the speakers?
It would lose a lot of that low end sound that a bass cab gives. And yes, there is a chance that it could damage the speaker.
So basically if I was to just stick on a tonne of distortion, added an EQ box to add some low end, then there is no reason why it wouldn't work?