Alright so I bought a new guitar in March, and I'm ready for a new one, not that my EC-400 is bad, just I was putzin with my buddies BC Rich Warlock and I discovered how to play Dimebag's harmonic squeals at the end of Cemetary Gates. So I want to get a guitar that has a very good Trem, My downfall is I know nothing about trem be it locking, non, double locking etc... It would also be very helpful, and save me alot of time and money, if the guitar came stock with Dimarzio Super Distortions. So if anyone knows of any guitars That have a good trem, comes with Dimarzio SD's and is under 1000 dollars it would be a great help if you could lead me in that direction. If all else fails I'm going to buy an Epiphone Firebird and put Super Distortions and a trem on it, that would be pretty slaughterful.
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i seriously wouldnt bother with getting a firebird and putting a trem on it too much money wasted imo.

look at the Ibanez RG1570 and then with the remaining money you can swap the pickups