what are some good songs to use a wah pedal with? ive already learned jimi hendrix - voodoo child but i want some more songs to show off with a wah pedal
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Get him into blues. Lyrical depth-not so much. But it is groovy and it is black people's music so if he doesn't enjoy then he is not a true black person.

surfing with the alien, i know rhcp has a few good wah songs
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tales of brave ulysses - Cream
White Room - Cream
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The Traveler - Joe Satriani

Especially the solo at the end is superb.
Curve by John Petrucci
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Take a song without wah, and add it.
More fun that way.
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a lot of Tool songs are good to play because they dont use the standard porno movie wah sound. more interesting and used in different ways.
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in guns n' roses' sweet child of mine, there is some wah in the solo.
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Listen to Funkadelic! Eddie Hazel liked a bit of the old wockachacka in his riffs/solos.
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