Today i have been tryin to record my first song.
I have the sony acid demo program and audacity installed on my pc.
so i connected up my guitar --> my amp (marshall 30DFX ) --> the line in (blue) socket at the back of my pc.

is this setup wrong as when i play i can hear it thorugh the speakers fine and i set up the amp to how i wanted it for the track then hit record and played the song through.
but when i tryed to play it back u could hear it but at about a 1/10 of the volume i played it at and volume cant be turned up afterwards without damaging quality. is there another socket i shud be plugging my amp into that will record at a louder volume or any settings that i could change on audactiy that will produce louder recordings??

plz hep
Go to control panel > sounds and audio devices > audio tab > under recording device click properties and turn the fader for line in up untill you get an appropriate volume.
go to your volume controls, and see if there is a record volume, might try turning that up.
i use creative sound mixer which is great
^ not a necessity. Adjust the Input volume in Audacity...

[edit] but not too high. If you peak out it plays it back with a lot of PC speaker distortion.
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