I've seen some people that have this setup here. I'm looking towards getting an Ibanez S470 and was wondering if anybody could give me some sound clips? If you could, possibly even get a sound clip of each pickup for me. :stickpoke
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and what about the roland cube what settings would you like for that? its just easier to help people out
not really my threed, hasnt been used in 5 months so could u do a s470 with roland cube on metal, full gain bass full, trebel 3/4 mid just over half Thanks
I have that the ibanez and a cube 60 (my S470 has air norton on neck and Dsonic on bridge), here you can hear a bit of it, the recording quality is a bit low tho, so it doesn't sound as good as it would on the amplifier itself (shity recording setup line out--->computer microphone in)

Settings: R-fier stack, bridge p-u.

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I use a cube in my guitar lessons along with my S, You can get some killer Metal tones, but sometimes I think it is a bit to warm sounding to me. You really have to crank the highs.
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Ibanez S series are pretty popular here, and same with cubes.
I am pretty sure it will do fine. Come on man, it's cube and it's Ibanez, what can go wrong>