ok. i own a Marshall Valvestate 8080 amp, and today i received my Roger Mayer Octavia that i bought from ebay for £70.

Because this is my first effects pedal and none of my friends would know, i have no clue on how to use it on my amp. i don't know which socket needs to be connected, the octavia has an IN and an OUT socket (no clue on which one to use) and my Marshall 8080 have LINE OUT, SEND and RETURN sockets (don't know what they're for).

i know i seem like beginner guitarist but i'm actually not bad on the guitar, it's just that i've never used effects pedals. so my question(s) is How do you connect an R.M. Octavia into a Marshall 8080 amp? and how would i get the best sound from it?

guitar>octavia[in] octavia[out]>amp input
guitar>amp input + send>octavia[in] octavia[out]>return
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