I'm a guitar player in wiltshire, England who is looking for a drummer, a basist and maby a singer, intrested?
yo im from wiltshire, but im a guitarist and not a great one either in my opinion, what sort of music u into and what area of wiltshire
i like rock music the most, bands like foo fighters, smashing pumpkins, nirvana, muse, biffy clyro that sort of stuff but i also like funk, blues, not so much metal. have you heard of a place called Pewsey, well i live near there, what about you?
well i dont have my own transport if u could get into leicester some how, chunkylover that would be cool. i dont mind doin foo fighters, pretty cool. i just like the ffaf sort of riffing.
Well, Ive never heard any biffy clyro...but the other bands are ace. Im not that keen on metal either...

lol i love all the bands u like. if u pay ill fly over. ive always wanted to go to england
My gear
ESP Ltd series H 400
fernandes ravelle elite (honey burst finish, emg 81 in bridge.)
B-52 AT-112(all tube!)
ah know, that would awesome but theirs a bit of a cash flow problem at the minuet, as in not enough of it, sorry
basically what i want to do is start/join a muse type band, as well as playing guitar i also do a bit of drums so if their is a muse type band or any band out there that needs a guitarist or drummer..............