i think i may have asked this before, but i'm not sure. and a search didn't return any results. so if there's a thread that answers my question please direct me to it rather than repeating yourself.

my amp (50 cal.) has a 1/4" jack in the back that is labeled direct, with a knob that says "direct level". first question: can i plug a multi-track recorder into this to record the sound? and does it record the same sound that i hear coming out of the speaker? or should i mic the speaker itself? i'd rather save money, but i want to get what i hear from the speaker.

id higly recommend mic'n the boogie with a Shure SM57. It will sound way better mic'd up.
yeah, that's what it's meant for, but I've never heard a direct out recording, even with speaker emulation, sound as good as actually mic'ing the speaker with a quality mic. I'd see how it sounds if you don't want to spend the money, it will be a lot better than a computer mic probably, but keep in mind speakers make up a good part of the overall sound.
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