wat are the settings that closely resemble an avengedsevenfold tone..--unholy confessions..????

o ya and for you people who for some reason DONT LIKE THEM, i pity you.

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This should be in the settings thread first of all. In Total Guitar it said that they use Kranks, which is wrong, but it said trebel 9, mids 4.5, bass 8, gain 10, or something like that.
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I DONT LIKE THEM. So pity me all you want. But chances are youll never get close to their tone. And itd help if we knew about your gear.
get a Bogner Uberschall amp and a guitar with ****tz Invaders in it...

Tada, that's your A7X tone
do u want synester or zacky tone?

synester- just crank on all the distortion u have! 8 bass, 3mid, 10 trebel, 10 gain/drive.

zacky- again, put it to ur most distorted channel 10 bass, 5 mid 8 trebel 10 gain/drive.