ok i have a digitech death metal distortion pedal and was wondering if i could have the metallice sound? so can i get it with this pedal or is it impossible to get.

i have the same pedal to get a metallica sound i usally put all the settings to 7 except for the volume i think it sounds alright
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surely you just need to scoop you EQ?

sorry my bad I thaught he was talking about the metal master
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If you want a real good metallica sound...then you're shlt out of luck. That pedal licks balls, and you won't even get close their true sound with a distortion pedal.

But...if you're just looking for a generic n00b buzzsaw ubermeddle can of bees shlt tone, then you will find it in there.
I know you probably can't afford it, and I'm not trying to be a jerk, but you need to burn that pedal. It sucks and it won't give you a very good Metallica sound. The closest thing you could get would be highs 10, bass 8, and mids 3 or 4.
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