Hello, I've recently been looking around for an amp to buy and came across the Ampeg VH140C. Now I've browsed around google and variouse sites for reviews and found mostly good reviews. I was just wondering if anyone on these forums owns one or has had the chance to play on one, and what their oppinions on it are. By the way, I like playing a lot of classic rock / just plain rock (Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Clapton, etc.), and have read that its an amp more geared towards metal, so it could possibly not be what i'm looking for. But anyways, any oppinions would be great. Thanks
a great SS amp i had the head version very clean and loud and great distortion.i also had a mode four for about two weeks and IMO it was just as loud and better tone.
So its good for metal, but does it have a good clean tone too also? Because, I'm more into the classic rock so i'm looking for something with more of that classic rock crunch, and also with something that has a good plain clean tone also.
Yeah, I know the dude that's selling that. Its a pretty good deal. I don't know if it would suit you though. They're very scooped sounding...