I was wondering what people think of these 3 strings, I've been playing DR extra life for a while, and before that GHS Boomers were my string, and before that, I tried many others. However I never got around to trying D'Adarrio.

My hands tend to chew up strings and in a few days I find myself playing corroded pieces of wire instead of fine guitar strings. The Coated DR's have been able to avoid this problem for the most part, but once the coating wears off on the plain strings, they get all nasty just the same. I've used fast fret and Stringlife, but none of those have done it for me.

I do ike the feel of DRs, and they last a long time, but I might change... Just let me know what you think

I play 10-46's on a neck thru ESP, 9-42 on a PRS, and 9-46 on a Fernandes strat.

I'm not buying elixers again...
DR 9's


I love DR'S they are great. I use 10's, and they very rarely break on me. Great tone quality to them.
I use GHS Boomers and DR Dimebag High-Voltage strings. I like the DR's more, but I can only find them at a shop I can't go to very often. It also seems that whenever I do get to go to the shop, I never seem to have any money...
ive been using d'addario's on my guitar for a few years, and i havnt had problems with them at all. they last pretty long, and have a great tone for a while. i have used GHS strings on my bass, and they wernt as great compared to the d'addarios ive put on it.

so go with d'addario, and you will be set. (also, they use a bunch less packaging, so you are helping the enviroment)
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