What exactly is the "right" way to string bending? It seems like some people advise that you hook your thumb over the neck while others say that isn't necessary. Some people say you should push up with your fingers while others say you should keep your fingers locked and twist your wrist to do the bend. So is there a right way, or is it more of an individual preference?
i asked a similiar question awhile ago about strumming and the answer i received was:

"there is no "correct" way"

its whatever feels right
The most effective way is to keep your fingers locked and use your wrist to bend the string with your thumb over the top of the neck. That method gives you the most control for bending/vibrato.
I think it's easier to just move your fingers.

I think it's just a matter of preference.
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I just use my fingers and push up/down. Usually down. =/ I never move my wrist.
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and don't use only one finger. it's much easier to bend correctly using two or more fingers...
Hmm, yeah, I've been finding that it's easier to just use two or three fingers and push up (versus using your wrist). But if that's not the correct way to do it, I don't wanna develop that bad habit.
Well, there is no real "correct" way , but there are a couple guidelines that you should probably follow, just to make bending a bit easier, those being using two or more fingers to bend, and you should usually bend the bottom 3 strings towards the floor, and bend the top 3 strings towards the ceiling. Don't follow those strictly, because theres some bends that'll break those rules, but try to follow them and it'll be a bit easier on ya.

Other than that, its just a matter of preference. Nobody really cares if you use your wrist or not.
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I asked a similar question a few days ago and I got the answer I needed so I'll answer this...

There is no correct way...but...for 1, 2,3 fingers..

one finger- just bend to desired pitch

two fingers- keep index finger on string above to mute it, then bend with either your wrist and shoulders or your fingers to the desired pitch

three fingers- keep index finger on string(s) above and mute the string(s), then put your middle finger directly behind the ring finger and with your shoulders and wrists or fingers or both, bend to the desired pitch.

When I first started with the bends around 1 month ago, my index, middle and ring fingers hurt because I was trying to learn it so badly....it might make it easier to put tape or a band aid on your finger tips...bending is so much easier with the tape.

I once read an article that stated that bends should come from the wrist and not from the finger, don't know exactly what the reasoning behind it was but it made sence at the time :P
^ It means to keep your fingers locked and twist your wrist. That's the way I do string bending.