so i have a boss metal zone pedal and i was just wondering what others' favorite settings on it are so i can try out some new sounds
hey!is there anyway you think i could get a metal zone tweaked enough to be able to use for punk-sounding worship?
okay picture the dials as the face of a clock since the pedal doesnt have numbers on it:

level: depends on how loud i want it
low: 4 o'clock
high: 1:30 o'clock
middle: 12
mid freq: 12
distortion: 12

Well I don't use it much unless I'm jammin some Pantera... but with your MT-2 take your Low and High dials and max em out, but then bring your Low about one or two clicks back from the high. Then put your mid frequency half way (12:00) and then leave your mids at 0. Put your distortion wicked high and your level around half (12:00) and let Cowboys from Hell or Domination reek out. Hope you enjoy.
I'm gonna teach you.... how to snap your arm in.... 5 places...