the best I could get for around £400 well I'm kind of in need for a new guitar, I like metal so I need a fairly metal or modern looking guitar for around £400 because England is very expernsive to live in. I would like it to have a tremelo and I think probably humbucker pickups as well. I really need some sugestions, I don't want anything from ebay that has been used for years and rotting, something new I can buy onine, but since I'm kind of isolated I can't go to anyshops to try out guitars so I wouldn't know how it sounded. All I know is my yamaha strat thing is going off after 4 years in a attic and I wanted play so I have for the last year or so, so I retrieved it, but it can only last so long.
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get a hellraiser with floyd rose - sounds perfect for u
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hey thanks for the help, I don't know I want to find some guitars that arn't superstrats, so I don't know, Ibanez might be out of the picture, I have been looking at mostly Jacksons and ESP.
Yeh, you wont really get a good ESP or Jackson for £400, but you WILL get a good ibanez for that much, however if your determined not to have a SS shape, then that really is your problem.
Schecter are excellent, you can only buy them from SoundControl, because they are the only people who ship them into the UK (i worked for them once !!!). SO yeh, Schecter Hellraiser or Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR, but that might be a little too expensive.
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