I'm willing to spend between the 1000-2000 price range. I want a guitar that sounds has a good metal sound but can play rock as well.
well uh do u want active pickups like emgs or livewires or what kind of pickups do u want in ur guitar? do u want a tremolo or a fixed bridge? give me some ideas on what u want but for general ideas a gibson flying v i own one and its beautfiul for everything...and explorer or even a les paul
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I highly recommend the Gibson SG Standard. It goes for 1200 and has a great metal rock sound and its a light guitar which makes it easier to rock out with.
I am playing a crappy 15 watt peavy amp, but i plan to upgrade. As well, i would prefer EMG pickups but what pickups are good for metal/rock. A Tremolo would be pretty wicked. Oh and another thing i desipise flying V's, I cant stand the feel.
if you're aiming to upgrade to a nice high gain tube amp.....and arent really fussed about the quality of your cleans then emg's would be a good way to go, also that nuno bettencourt sig is extremely sexy imo.....but to threadstarter you could have a look at some of the schecter models, they do them with duncans as well as emg's.
Well, the Gibson Explorer is great for all styles of music. I would take a look at that. You might also look into an ESP with Seymores, you can get some good tones out of those. But the Explorer would be my first choice. As well as getting a new amp.
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i'll take the Gibson Sg Standard, and the Gibson Explorer into consideration. Also, i'll try some ESP's out. Any other suggestions? I plan on trying some guitars, and possibly buy one on tuesday.
^ Floyd and EMG's, Maybe a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR. That will even leave you extra money to spend on an amp (I think you can get them for $900-1000). Worth a look.
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