Why are they considered bad amps?

I love mine. I've got a Spider II 112 combo.
The distortion isn't as "digital" sounding as most people make it out to be. Hell, it's not really digital sounding at all.
It's got a moderatley nice noise gate built in.
The on-board effects aren't that great, yes, but you don't have to pay extra for them.
I personally think mine sounds great, it handles cleans well, and it handles distortion amazingly well.

What's so bad about them?
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I think mostly people bitch because they dont sound as good as some of the more expensive amps or tubes. In reality though its really not that bad of amp.
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There not bad at all
A friend of mine has a 212 Combo and it like really great
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I think the tone is amazing.
Plus, its $200 for 75 watts.
You can't beat that price, though some will say since the price is low, it must be low quality.
I say that it's not a cheap amp, it's just inexpensive.
Main gear (For complete list, see profile):
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain-top
Basswood Telecaster, 2 single-sized HB's, both split.
Epiphone Valve Junior
B-52 AT-412 Cabinet
Oh, and I have a Squier VM Jazz Bass too.
I'll just say from my personal experience. I used to have a Spider 112 and I sold it to my friend after my Crate 15 watt arrived. I think what it really is, is what sound you can get out of it. Like I like a real kinda cutting edgy crisp sound similar to the Rust In Peace MegaDeth sound. And I just couldn't get that kind of sound with my pedals combined with the Spider. They're great amps and tons of people like them, but I think it just comes down to chemistry... And it sounds corny but I don't like Mesa Boogie Rectifiers either. They're great amps don't get me wrong but it's not the right sound for me. I prefer the Peavey 6505/5150 amps they're what do me good. And I think that's just the way it is ya know? It's what your ear likes, not always quality.
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There are better amps for around that price range. The cubes and valvetronix series beats the Spider II in any category pretty much. Plus, wattage != volume. Just because you're getting 75w doesn't mean it's going to be louder than a 50w amp, or even sound better.

If you throw in a few more bucks, there's much better amps available. That's why people don't like the Spiders. They're a loud starter amp pretty much.
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Tone is subjective.
Some people just can't tell "good tone" from "bad tone" either. It takes time to get an ear for these sort of things. Even though tone is subjective, obviously there is alot of crossover between different people when it comes to these things. For example, very few(if any), people will say Fender cleans are bad. Once you get an ear for these things, you know what's "bad" and "good."
You just haven't been exposed to enough different amps I'm thinking.
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I don't find the tone to be as good as other solid state amps, but I what you get for the price is good. I also think a lot of people here just write it off as a bad amp because everyone else does even if they haven't tried it. It isn't an amp for someone who has been playing for a long time though - its a beginner amp.
its alright....but just prefer a regular amp with effect pedals instead of all of it in one...its just more traditional that way...
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ive tried a spider II and i loved it, loved it so much i got the 112 combo and i love that even more. u either like em or u dont.