It's less than $200... And why is that? Thats cheaper than I payed for my ****ty 1 humbucker Bronze BC Rich...
umm... since you've only provided a picture, i can only guess....

1. It's not a real ibanez
2. It's made in some 3rd world country, and sounds terrible.
3. It's used
4. It's used and doesn't work
5. It requires hundreds of dollars worth of work before it's usable
6. Maybe it's just the cheapest damn guitar that Ibanez makes, with the cheapest damn parts they could find.
yea i saw that guitar!!!! it looked really nice but cheap so im getting the RG370DX
i got a rg370dx and it is top make shure you buy a new one because it has a tri wizerd neck and better pickups
dont buy the rg370dx, it has a ****ty tremelo and it feels like my made in china power ranger toys!!!

Get the S series its way better plus mahogany and ZR tremelo. Oh the GIO is just firewood dont buy it....
Just an influence.
Quote by fragydig529
I'll prolly end up just getting this one

Unless it's not to great either?

Yes, it is.
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