alright i have a ibanez grx40 (the one with the starter kit) and it's the main guitar im using for now because i have no problems with the electronics and it's in great shape and im just spending all my money on effects and amps right now. The only one problem with it is that the tuner pegs suck, since i dont care about the guitar and thrash it around and do crazy stuff, and with all that i really drop my guitar out of tune. I was playing the other day in drop D and midway through a song i just like threw my guitar (straped on of course) and left a heavy strum that droped my top string down to almost c# (i checked it on my tuner) and i really need to fix this

im pretty sure i just need a new tuner peg because those are crappy and like a quarter turn and you drop down a step, while my acoustic has the nice tuner pegs with the groves in them, and it takes almost 2 turns to drop it down a step

are the "Grover" tuners the best? is my problem the tuners?