So I've decided to build a guitar, now im not sure what kinda body i wanna go for yet, Les paul, strat, or something like an iceman but i decided against cutting the wood myself because even though i think i could cut the wood, i would probably screw it up while carving it or cutting the inside for the pickups, pots and capacitors. So I figure I would just buy the body and neck. Problem is some of these things can be pretty pricey. Some of the bodys alone are ranging from 300 - 500 dollars and the necks another 300 bucks. SO my question is. Should I just buy a cheap guitar with good wood, sand it down, take the neck off and go from there or should I just suck it up and buy the parts seperately? And if I should buy a cheap guitar, what kinda woods would you guys suggest that might have the best sustain for the cheapest prices? What kinda woods for a Les Paul and what kinda woods for something like a strat or an iceman. And what are the cheapest Les Pauls with carved top mahogany bodies are my best bet?

Thanks guys...
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I could build you a body for less than Warmoth can, PM/IM me if you're interested.

"What kinda woods for a Les Paul and what kinda woods for something like a strat or an iceman."
Les Pauls usually have a 1-3/4" mahogany back with a 5/8" or 3/4" maple top. American strats are generally Alder, & Icemans are usually mahogany.

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