right now im writing a basss line for my bands songs, cuz patheticly we dont have a bassist, i got some pretty sweet stuff, but i dont know what the bass should do when the guitar does this


know what i mean? that dissonent chord norma jean uses alot.... what does the bass do??
that "dissonant chord norma jean uses alot" is called a minor 9th (and its not a chord, it's an interval, chords have 3 or more notes), and you'd definitely be safe playing either of the notes in the interval on bass, or probably the 5th.

Extra advice, take it or leave it: since you're not a bassist, if you're going for that "Norma Jean sound", pump up the bass, and drop the mid all the way on the bass amp, so that the bass tone doesn't cut through the guitar tone and instead melds into it.