My current gear consists of a strat copy, roland cube 60, fab overdrive, weeping demon, and very soon an ibanez rg321mh. Now I was going to get some new pedals because I have £80 left over after the RG. I dont know whether to save up for a new amp at x-mas or what. If I was to save up, I would have to spend: £80 left over from guitar + around £200 from parents for x-mas + whatever the cube would sell for if I was to sell it. Im not sure how much I would get for the cube, I bought it for £225 and its in great condition.

If I did get a new amp it would be a tube amp for sure. Any Recommendations? Thanks

BTW I play mostly Hard rock and metal.
As a guitarist, think of your amp as your tone. Dont worry about the effects, yet. If you cant get a good sound out of the amp without effects, you'll never like it anyway.
Save up for a decent tube amp. The effects come after everything.
Like I said about the ValveKing in the other thread dude... go look it up. Great amp I definitely suggest checking it out. ValveKing 212, I'm getting one probably. Unless I get a job and then I'll get myself my beloved 6505.
I'm gonna teach you.... how to snap your arm in.... 5 places...
^ not much if you sell it to a music store. say if the amp is 100 new. youll get about 40 bucks from a music store.

Whats your budget for an amp?
I part exchanged a 30W Cube recently for and got £60 towards an amp I was buying, you will usually get more if you P/X stuff than you do if you're just selling it, especially if it's an amp that they're keen to sell.
why dont you want the cube 60 anymore?
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